Booklet on EU militarisation

The ENAAT and RLS booklet 'A militarised Union - Understanding and confronting the militarisation of the European Union' is now available in English
German, French and Spanish translations are under way

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Our new report with TNI is now available:
'Fanning the Flames - How the UE is fuelling a new arms race'
Executive summary is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch

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ENAAT network

The European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT) is an informal network of European peace groups working together in research, advocacy and campaigning.

Although European governments claim not to export arms to countries at war or violating human rights, European arms are sold all over the world with very few restrictions.

Arms trade is a threat to peace, security and development, and the arms industry is a driving force behind increasing military exports and expenditure.

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Export data

The official arms export data of EEAS are presented by ENAAT in a browser showing country of origin, of destination, weapon type and value in one click

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