EU funding for arms industry to be barely impacted by COVID-19 crisis, ENAAT newsletter special edition

2nd June 2020By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Finance

NBB special edition: New EC proposal for MFF 2021-2027 EU funding for the military industry to be barely impacted by COVID-19 Read here: News from the Brussels’ Bubble #2020-2, 1st June 2020 Arms industry won first battle and is well placed for negotiations to come – pro-defence lobby saved basics: EC proposes €8bn EU Defence … Read More

News From the Brussels’ Bubble: Defence Fund, COVID-19 and EU militarisation

19th May 2020By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union

the latest issue of the ENAAT Newsletter (News From the Brussels’ Bubble) is out, read it here: ENAAT NBB 2020-1_18.05.2020 Main news items: – Negotiations on EU budget 2021-2027 + COVID-19: can we expect a significant decrease of EU military-related expenses? – EU funding for military research 2017-2020: ethical flaws, new calls and new projects selected … Read More

Activists protest presence of war criminals at European conference

28th November 2019By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Press release

Today, arms industry representatives and European policy makers are meeting at the European Defence Agency’s annual conference: “Taking European Defence Cooperation to the Next Level”. A Freedom of Information request filed by the Belgian NGO Vredesactie shows that more than 230 arms company representatives received an invitation to the conference. A dozen NGOs and peace organisations … Read More

MEPs concerned with peace should worry about the new ‘Defence Industry & Space’ unit

1st October 2019By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union

At Commissioner-designate Syvie Goulard’s hearing on Wednesday, MEPs should question the over-influence of the arms industry and the impact of the new DG for “Defence Industry & Space” on peace. On 2 October, the European Parliament committee for Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) will hear the French Commissioner-designate Sylvie Goulard, whose Internal Market portfolio will … Read More