Press Release: Online info tool on EU Defence Fund provides all you need to know ahead of the European Summit

13th December 2017By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Press release

Tomorrow the European Summit will welcome the launch of the Permanent Structured cooperation (PESCO) and review ‘progress’ in other areas of Defence, and the European Parliament will discuss the EC proposal to fund the development phase of new military capabilities with the EU budget, as part of the European Defence Fund. The European Network Against … Read More

“How the arms industry is hijacking Europe’s defence policy”: a new report from Vredesactie documents the symbiotic relationship between the arms industry and the EU institutions.

19th October 2017By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union

40 billion euros. That’s how much the European Union wants to spend on the research and development of new weapons during the next 10 years. The establishment of the European Defence Fund is an unprecedented acceleration in the militarization of the EU and only serves one purpose: sustaining the competitiveness of the arms industry. The … Read More

civil society calls for EU research agenda to shift focus from private benefits to global public goods

3rd July 2017By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Press release

ENAAT contributed to a “civil society perspective on the next EU research Framwork Programme (FP9)” calling for the next EU Research policy to shift its focus from jobs, growth and competitiveness, including subsidies for the arms industry, to delivering global public goods for its citizens. “The EU is a peace project. There can be no … Read More

Peace groups denounce new EC initiatives favouring the arms industry and triggering global arms race

7th June 2017By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Press release

“The military-industrial complex ‘en marche’ at EU level” Today the EC released new plans that favour the arms industry and blur the limits of its mandate regarding defence-related issues, paving the way for an over-influential European-level military-industrial complex. Peace campaigners and the European Network Against Arms Trade warn against this further EC attempt to trivialize … Read More

ENAAT and ethical finance groups call EU Finance Ministers to preserve civilian investments through the European Investment Bank

23rd May 2017By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Open letter

On Tuesday 23 March, 2017, the 28 Finance Ministers of the EU will meet first as Governors of the European Investment Bank and then as EU Council for Economic and Financial Affairs.  While the Greek situation seem to focus all attention, 29 signatories from ENAAT and the ethical finance sector want to alert on the … Read More