ENAAT documents on military research and arms industry lobbying”

“From war lobby to war economy: how the arms industry shapes European policies” (30.09.2023), Report in English,
Executive summary in English, German, Dutch, French

‘War profiteers’: Top 15 profits and revenues in2022 (29.08.2024)

ENAAT summary of the main ASAP provisions, the EC proposal for the Act in Support of Ammunition Production (08.05.2023) in English

ENAAT remarks on the proposal of EU funding for joint military procurement (EDIRPA, 03.02.2023) in English

Fact-sheet: How the EU is funding arms dealers and corrupt corporations (08.11.2022) in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish and Danish

ENAAT Statement: The EU Strategic Compass, a boon for the arms industry (31.03.2022) in English and in French

Fanning the Flames: How the EU is fuelling a new arms race, by ENAAT and TNI, March 2022. Report in English, Executive Summary in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch

A militarised Union – Understanding and confronting the militarisation of the European Union,  by ENAAT and Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, June 2021 in English, French (to come) and Spanish (to come)

Who profits from the EU Defence Fund? ENAAT fact-sheet (updated April 2021) in English and French

What is the European Defence Fund? ENAAT fact-sheet (April 2019) in EnglishFrenchGermanDutchSpanish

ENAAT Position paper: MEPs must critically scrutinize EU funding to military Research & Development (12.12.2017) English

Stop Wapenhandel factsheet European money for the arms industry (05.2017) English

Factsheet 1: Why the Preparatory Action on Defence Research will not help improve European Defence Capabilities (13.10.2016) – English

Factsheet 2: Why the Preparatory Action on Defence Research is a waste of EU public money and a form of subsidy to the arms industry (13.10.2016) – English

Factsheet 3: Why the Preparatory Action on Defence Research is a blank cheque to the profit of national arms industry, not of EU interests (13.10.2016) – English

Factsheet 4: Alternative spending to the PA on Defence Research can also save growth and jobs and better promote peace (13.10.2016) – English

ENAAT Position paper on the PADR: Why the EU should not subsidize military research (30.08.3016) – English

Reply EC Bienkowska to ENAAT letter ((25.11.2016)

ENAAT letter to Bienkowska on GoP (23.05.2016)

ENAAT documents on arms exports and intra-EU arms trade

ENAAT Position Paper: Impact of the Transfer Directive on the transparency and efficiency of the arms export control (15.07.2016) – English

Press Release on the EU 17th Report on Arms export control (04.05.2016) – Englishfrançais

ENAAT call for an EU arms embargo against Saudi Arabia (05.02.2016) – English

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