The UN calls the war in Yemen the “world’s worst man-made humanitarian disaster”. In March 2015, the Saudi-led coalition launched its military intervention in Yemen.

Despite the ongoing war and reports about the Saudi-led coalition breaching international humanitarian law, European arms companies are profiting from the war in Yemen and the suffering it has caused, by supplying arms to members of the Saudi-led coalition.

By not stopping arms exports, European governments contribute to the suffering of the Yemeni people. This war is also “Made in Europe” and we must continue to resist it here.

On the occasion of the 5th ‘anniversary’ of the beginning of the Yemen war, we will speak with one voice to the arms companies, national governments and to the EU: Stop Arming the Saudi-led Coalition!

We will show our solidarity and concern, even when locked into our houses. Imagine what a virus is doing in a country like Yemen, where the health system has collapsed and hospitals are being bombed.

How can you participate in the European online action on 25th of March?

In view of the necessary measures for the containment of coronavirus there will be no public events on this day – but we can still join together to mark five years of war in Yemen.

* Join the Facbook event page to stand alongside other across Europe on 25 March, in solidarity and resistance.

* Share a photo of yourself holding the logo of the action day or a paper with the slogan “Stop Arming the Saudi-led Coalition”

* Share your picture, and messages about why you are taking action on social media. Use the common hashtags #StopArmingSaudi #WarInYemen #MadeInEurope to follow and and amplify each others messages!

* Find infographics to share here:

* Follow participating groups on Twitter here:

You can post all day, but please try to join our collective moment at 12:00, when we hope to make the protest trending.

Find the interactive map of what European coutries do limit arms exports to the  Saudi-led Coalition.

Press Release

In all countries that participate in the online day of action a common press release will be published on March 25th.