The latest issue of the EU project newsletter summarises the main news about EU funding for the arms industry and other aspects of EU militarisation over the last month. Enjoy the reading!

ENAAT NBB 2023-01_15.02.2023


EU funding for the arms industry
– EU funding for joint acquisitions: debate on tripled budget, non-EU weapons and exports
– Arms industry access to public/private investments: EU Sovereignty Fund and EIB

Other aspects of EU militarisation
– EU and US cooperation on defence: from joint declaration to US folding seat in EDA
– Progress on Denmark’s opt-in on Defence
– France friendship treaties with Germany and Spain put European defence in top priorities
– EP calls for ‘genuine military and defence union’ with more funding
– EU Special Summit adopts tough stand on migration

EU Peace Facility & related news
– EU Rapid Deployment Capacity: first tests in Spain, EU operations common costs debate on hold
– Military aid to Ukraine and 10th package of sanctions against Russia
– Other EU assistance measures: Mali, Gulf of Guinea, Niger, Libya, Jordan, Armenia, civil missions

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