The latest issue of the EU project newsletter summarises the main news about EU funding for the arms industry and other aspects of EU militarisation over the last month. Enjoy the reading!

ENAAT NBB 2023-02_31.03.2023


EU funding for the arms industry
– EDF work plan for 2023: €1.2 billion prioritising space and air & maritime warfare
– EDIRPA adoption looks more and more like a soap opera
– Commissioner Thierry Breton tours arms companies in Europe
– e2.5 billion to boost EU ammunition production and delivery to Ukraine (at least…)
– EDA brings together 23 countries for common procurement of ammunition, incl. Norway

Other aspects of EU militarisation
– EU military spending reaches 2% of the community budget and continues growing
– Denmark to join the EDA and PESCO
– Strategic Compass: one year later
– First edition of the Schuman Defence and Security Forum

EU Peace Facility & related news
– EPF financial ceiling increased to €8 billion and other modifications
– First lethal assistance measure in Africa for Niger, Somalia should follow

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