The latest issue of the EU project newsletter summarises the main news about EU funding for the arms industry and other aspects of EU militarisation over the last month. Enjoy the reading!

SUMMARY of ENAAT NBB 2023-03_05.05.23

EU funding for the arms industry
– EU Auditors conclude that EU lacks long-term strategy on defence spending
– EDIRPA: EP now pushes for fast-track negotiations
– Continuation and end of Breton’s tour of the arms industry
– EC proposal for the Act in Support of Ammunition Production (ASAP)

Other aspects of EU militarisation
– EDA-US agreement for a cooperation framework is signed
– Military mobility: 2nd call for proposals almost exhausts 7-years budget

EU Peace Facility & related news
– Strategic Compass: MEPs support establishment of EU rapid reaction force, under certain conditions
– Ammunitions to Ukraine: Member States operationalise track one and two of the 20 March plan
– €70 million to support Moldova and Georgia armed forces to participate in EU missions

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