The latest ENAAT Newsletter is available here: ENAAT NBB 2023-05_20.07.2023

The main news is of course the adoption of ASAP, an EU funding programme to boost the production of ammunition and missiles. It is entering into force less than 3 months after the initial proposal, probably a record in EU history


EU funding for the arms industry
– EDF: 41 military R&D projects worth €832M focus on space, naval & cyber in 2022 under “European Donation for France”
– EU funding for ammunition comes into force with overwhelming majority in EP
– EDIRPA: deal reached on €300M to fund the joint procurement of military goods with EU budget
– European Defence Investment Programme (EDIP) proposal to come by end of the year
– Budget debate: +€1,5bn for the EU Defence Fund in long-term budget revision proposal

other aspects of European militarisation
– Foreign Affairs Councils and EU Summit endorsing further support to arms industry
– EU-NATO: official happy marriage provided EU plans are not too much…EU
– Climate & security: greening defence but not at the expense of industry competitiveness

EU Peace Facility & related news
– Peace Facility ceiling increased by €3.5bn, total EPF is now €12bn
– Ukraine: plans for a dedicated €20bn envelop under the EPF

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