Our latest News from the Brussels’ Bubble is now out: ENAAT NBB 2024-03_31.05.2024


EU funding for the arms industry

– Negotiations for new EU defence industry programme likely to face delay
– EU defence Fund: results of 2023 calls
– EDF: naval & space technology dominate, 2024 calls shift towards conventional warfare
– EIB revise rules to ramp-up defence investment, Nordic bank to follow suit?
– Ukraine: European and Ukrainian arms industry met in Brussels to boost cooperation
– EU Defence Agency mandate expanded to joint procurement and military interests in all policy-making

Other aspects of EU militarisation

– Leaked EU strategic agenda: “bullets not bees” says Politico
– Letta report calls for common defence market and “innovative finance”
– European Defence Industry Summit: arms lobbyists and EU leaders are best buddies
– EU conclusions on security and defence and EU-Norway defence partnership
– Schuman Security and Defence Forum

Peace facility and related news

– EU Rapid Deployment Capacity & MILEX 2024
– EPF and Ukraine: ‘technical’ and Hungarian blockages