30 CSOs urge the EIB to not support the military-industrial complex

26th March 2024By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Finance, Open letter

Today 30 CSOs, including ENAAT. urge the European Investment Bank to firmly reject increasing support for the military-industrial complex. the Bank’s mandate is to prioritise social and climate investments to meet people’s needs and fight the climate crisis, not to fund the wealthy military industry. The defence lobby should not exploit current world conflicts to secure EIB … Read More

ENAAT calls MEPs to reject EU funding for proliferation of ammunition & missiles

6th July 2023By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Finance, Open letter

The European Network Against Arms Trade sent today an Open letter to Euro-parliamentarians, urging them to vote against the proposal of EU funding for the arms industry to boost their production of ammunition ad missiles. Read the Open letter here  in English and in French ENAAT calls on MEPs, and those members of the negotiating team in … Read More

Civil society letter to new Euro-parliamentarians: the EU peace project is under threat

2nd September 2019By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Open letter

Today, 62 civil society organisations active in a wide range of areas (peace, environment, human rights, science, development, health, humanitarian aid, transparency…) wrote to the Members of the newly elected European Parliament, urging them to save the EU peace project: “Since 2017, EU funds have been diverted for military-related spending, with a €590 million envelope … Read More

Open Letter to MEPs “EU Defence Fund provisional agreement sets dangerous precedent against democratic functioning of the EU”

11th April 2019By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Open letter

Brussels, 10 April 2019 Ahead of a crucial vote next week, ENAAT members alert Euro-parliamentarians about the risks the European Defence Fund entails. “It is in your hands to close this Pandora’s box while there is still time. If not, it will pave the way for the EU to become merely a cash cow for … Read More

EU Defence Agency annual meeting: 177 European scientists alarmed about EU military turn and autonomous weapons

29th November 2018By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Open letter

“Today 29 November, the European Defence Agency hosts its annual conference: From Unmanned to Autonomous Systems: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities. The event is the annual get-together of the EU establishment and the representatives of the defence industry. We, a group of 177 European scientists, are alarmed about the military turn the EU is taking. Both the … Read More

Open Statement to Members of the European Parliament: “Stop EU funding to military R&D”

29th June 2018By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Open letter

Today, the European Network Against Arms Trade, SumOfUs and WeMove.EU sent an Open Statement to all Euro-Parliamentarians, asking them to resist further steps towards a militarization of the EU. Indeed, on Tuesday 3 July, the European Parliament will have its final vote on the European Defense Industrial Development Programme, already agreed by our national governments. … Read More

ENAAT and ethical finance groups call EU Finance Ministers to preserve civilian investments through the European Investment Bank

23rd May 2017By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Open letter

On Tuesday 23 March, 2017, the 28 Finance Ministers of the EU will meet first as Governors of the European Investment Bank and then as EU Council for Economic and Financial Affairs.  While the Greek situation seem to focus all attention, 29 signatories from ENAAT and the ethical finance sector want to alert on the … Read More

European Parliament Joint Motion for a Resolution on the humanitarian situation in Yemen (2016/2515(RSP))

15th February 2016By Wendela de FriesEuropean Union, Middle East, Open letter

To the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament, To Members of the European Parliament, The undersigned organisations welcome the positive stand taken by the European Parliament on the humanitarian situation in Yemen, and in particular its Joint Motion for a Resolution (JMR) (1) and the related amendment (2) scheduled for plenary vote on 25 … Read More

Open letter of NESEHNUTÍ regarding the export of Czech handguns and ammo to Egypt

16th April 2014By Wendela de FriesMiddle East, Open letter

Brno, Czech Republic Open letter of NESEHNUTÍ to the Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Jan Mládek, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lubomír Zaorálek, regarding the export of Czech handguns and ammunition to the Egyptian police force For the attention of: Political Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Václav Bálek Director … Read More