Die Waffenkonzerne haben eine verheerende Wirkung auf die Menschenrechte und Sicherheit. Sie zerstören die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung in vielen Regionen. Lang andauernde Beschaffung von Militärgütern und Waffenexporte verstärken militaristische Herangehensweisen an internationale Konflikte. Obwohl europäische Regierungen für sich in Anspruch nehmen, Waffen nicht an Krieg führende Staaten zu liefern oder an solche, die Menschenrechte verletzen, so werden europäische Waffen tatsächlich mit nur wenig Zurückhaltung in der ganzen Welt verkauft – oft an Diktaturen oder Staaten, die sich im Krieg befinden.

Selected publications from ENAAT groups

Centre DelasSecurity? Whose security? Military security not neutral
We are facing a new, wide and deep process of militarization, with increasing military budgets, arms manufacturing and an evergrowing military industry that now also expands its reach to borders and social control. But despite the hegemonic discourse, this does not respond to our security needs nor to the challenges our modern, global, interdependent and diverse society faces nowadays.

SPAS – Den Svenska vapenexporten

This book on Sweden’s arms exports outlines the concepts of how the trade works and who decides. But it also tells about the scandals and the consequences. How artists and the monarchy are used for marketing. And how peaceful Sweden became one of the largest arms exporters per capita in the world. (in Swedish)

Stop WapenhandelMilitary industry profits from refugee tragedy
Companies from the military and security industry are profiting from the increasing militarization of border security. In a series of reports, blogs and articles, Stop Wapenhandel summarizes EU policy and its consequences. The role of the most important companies are identified.

UrgewaldDirty Profits – Unser Geld für Rüstungsexporte in Kriegs- und Krisengebiete
German banks and investors have been pumping large sums of money into arms companies, which are massively arming the Middle East and, in particular, fueling the war in Yemen. The report also shows which banks exclude such transactions. (in German)

VredesactieSecuring Profits. How the arms lobby is hijacking Europe’s defence policy
This report documents the symbiotic relationship between the arms industry and the EU institutions and the effect of this relationship on the creation of a European Defence Fund.