30 CSOs urge the EIB to not support the military-industrial complex

26th March 2024By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Finance, Open letter

Today 30 CSOs, including ENAAT. urge the European Investment Bank to firmly reject increasing support for the military-industrial complex. the Bank’s mandate is to prioritise social and climate investments to meet people’s needs and fight the climate crisis, not to fund the wealthy military industry. The defence lobby should not exploit current world conflicts to secure EIB … Read More

ENAAT Newsletter 2024-01: “war & borders before climate & foreign aid”

13th February 2024By Laëtitia Sédouarticles, European Union

The first 2024 issue of our newsletter “News from the Brussels’ Bubble” is out. Read it here: ENAAT NBB 2024-01_09.02.2024 SUMMARY: EU Funding for the arms industry – Public consultation on EU Defence Fund review is open till 21st February – 2024 EDF calls to focus on next gen-helicopters & cargo planes, hypersonic threats and unmanned/autonomous systems … Read More

‘From war Lobby to war economy’, new ENAAT report

7th December 2023By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Finance, lobbying and revolving doors, Press release, Publications

Today ENAAT  is launching its new report “From war lobby to war economy, How the arms industry shapes European policies”. *Watch our launch event here if you missed it!* The EU arms industry has been fostering increasingly close ties with EU policy-makers and institutions, driving new steps in EU militarisation and now shamelessly exploiting the … Read More

NBB #2023-08: Ombudsman opens inquiry on EDF independent experts & risks of conflicts of interest

21st November 2023By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Publications

The latest ENAAT Newsletter is available here: ENAAT NBB 2023-08_17.11.2023 The main news are the Ombudsman inquiry into how the EC ensures independent experts assessing EDF projects do not have conflicts of interest, EU Defence Industry Strategy expected early 2024, and EU Defence ministers calling for better access to (sustainable) finance for arms industry Summary EU funding … Read More

EDF 2021 projects fit ill with EU’s founding principles and values and will boost military spending in Europe

17th November 2023By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Finance, Publications

The Centre Delàs, a member of ENAAT, launched today a new Working Paper in cooperation with ENAAT, GCOMS and the International Peace Bureau, which analyses the first R&D projects of the European Defence Fund (EDF), a crucial piece of the process of militarisation begun by the EU several years ago The EDF is set to greatly boost military spending in Europe, … Read More

New research shows European universities’ cooperation with Israel in EU security research programmes

17th November 2023By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, Finance, Middle East

The European Union has several research cooperation funding programs, which are open to some non-EU countries including Israel. Stop Wapenhandel made an overview of all the cooperation under FP7, Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe with the three major Israeli arms companies (Elbit, IAI and Rafael) and with the Israeli Ministry of Defence and Ministry of … Read More

Online event: ‘From war lobby to war economy How the arms industry shapes European policies’ – 07/12 at 5pm

16th November 2023By Laëtitia SédouEuropean Union, lobbying and revolving doors, Publications

On Tuesday 14 November, EU Defence ministers called for enhancing the arms industry access to public and private finance and avoiding ‘discrimination’ based on the ESG criteria. In the EU’s initial long-term budget for 2014-2020, not a single euro was to go directly to the arms industry. By the end of 2020, half a billion … Read More

How does the EU spend its billions on cutting-edge security and weapons research? Check the OSDE platform

7th November 2023By Laëtitia SédouArms exports, European Union, Finance, lobbying and revolving doors, Press release

The public platform Open Security Data Europe has been updated to include recent funding information from the European Defence Fund, the EU weapons development fund, and Horizon Europe, the EU’s flagship civilian research and innovation funding program. Open Security Data Europe gives a unique overview of which companies, research centres and public agencies receive EU … Read More