Corporate Gains on your Expenses
– The costs and consequences of the emerging European Defence Industry
The workshop will give a general introduction on the current developments in the European defence industry. Furthermore, an introduction will be given on the social costs of defence expenditure for citizens in EU countries, Eastern Europe and “the Global South”.

While conflict is far from home, defence production is often just around the corner and as such the far away conflicts are directly linked to economic activities in our own European countries. This workshop discusses the need for actions and campaigns in this field.

The second and larger part of the workshop will be reserved for open debate among participants strategising on possibilities for action and campaigning to end the promotion and export of weapons and military equipment, particularly to countries engaged in conflict.

Introductions by
Martin Broek (Dutch Campaign Against the Arms Trade – CTW);
Ann Feltham (UK Campaign Against the Arms Trade – CAAT)
Moderator: Wilbert van der Zeijden (TNI)

Date: Thursday November 13
Time: 9 –12 in the morning
Venue: Salle Ping Pong, Saint Denis – Mandela

Co-hosting organisations
European Network Against the Arms Trade (ENAAT);
Transnational Institute (TNI)