ENAAT contributed to a “civil society perspective on the next EU research Framwork Programme (FP9)” calling for the next EU Research policy to shift its focus from jobs, growth and competitiveness, including subsidies for the arms industry, to delivering global public goods for its citizens.

The EU is a peace project. There can be no place for military research. The EU should invest in research projects which contribute to the peaceful prevention and resolution of conflicts rather than subsidise research for arms production.” warns Laëtitia Sédou, European Programme Officer at the European Network Against Arms Trade.

The European Commission is in the process of drafting the next EU Research Framework Programme to run from 2021 to 2027 (the follow-up of the so-called Horizon2020 Programme). The draft proposal is expected by spring 2018.

The scenarios presented so far have been criticised by MEPs, civil society for a lack of vision and for failing on climate and increasing funds for defence instead of investing in society.

Civil society groups from a wide range of fields have come together for the first time to express their views and suggest concrete proposals on the next EU research framework.

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