On June 7, the European Commission proposed a text to create a “Defence Industrial Development Programme”, which would divert €500 million of the EU budget over 2019-2020, in order to fund the development of new military technology. This is on top of the €90 million already granted for military research over 2017-2019. Our national governments and European parliamentarians will have to decide on this new funding, and the EC wants them to vote before end of the year.

We need your support!
Give your opinion on this proposal
before August 7

It is only by demonstrating that EU citizens are concerned about the plans that peace groups like ENAAT and the few dissenting voices in Parliament or governments can have a chance to stop this trend.

To force the Commission top take into account our feedback, we need to have dozens of responses from citizens to the consultation: each and every response is important! Please consider adding your voice.


the feedback can be 4000 characters or less, and ENAAT has developed a template response for you to adapt as you wish. You can find this template feedback here.

Then you need to go on the special web-page the Commission has set up for citizens’ feedback: http://ec.europa.eu/info/law/better-regulation/initiatives/com-2017-294_en

You will see the legal texts proposing this Defence Industrial Programme, and when you scroll down you will see the ‘give your feedback’ button.

Once you press the button, you will need to register under the “EU Login” system: it is a standard registration system and will not cause you the burden of spam in the future if you do not register for news, and the personal data are not shared with private companies.

Then you will access the feedback page: you can give your feedback in any EU language. You just have to insert your feedback in the text box available. You are then asked a few practical questions. At the end you can ask for your contribution to appear as ‘anonymous’ on the feedback website (all responses are public).

Read more on the EC proposal in the ENAAT press releases here and here

thank you for your support!

Citizens feedback template (PDF)