the latest issue of the ENAAT Newsletter (News From the Brussels’ Bubble) is out, read it here: ENAAT NBB 2020-1_18.05.2020

Main news items:
– Negotiations on EU budget 2021-2027 + COVID-19: can we expect a significant decrease of EU military-related expenses?
– EU funding for military research 2017-2020: ethical flaws, new calls and new projects selected
– EU Defence ministers informal meetings (05/03, 13/04, 12/05): COVID-19 crisis as an argument for a security approach to any challenge

In short:
– Evaluation report indicates PESCO and Member States’ commitment are not meeting expectations
– Brexit: EC published draft future agreement including defence and security (18 March)
– New EDA chief executive: Jiří Šedivý, former Czech Defence Minister